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The Importance of Digital Data Within the Ecommerce and Retail Industry blog date Feb 10,2021

The world of eCommerce and Retail is not what it was, forecasting customer behaviour and therefore sales have become a lot harder. Marketing strategies can no longer be formed based upon guesswork and vague experiences of the past. For these types of businesses to be successful and make the most of their marketing budget, they …

How to make your website load faster blog date Feb 02,2021

Nothing is more frustrating than a slow website. A slow website is bad for the end-user and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Why WordPress rules the web blog date Dec 04,2020

WordPress powers over 60% of the web. Read on to learn why WordPress developers and designers use it as their chosen Content Management System.

Which WordPress Page Builder Is Right For Your Needs? blog date Nov 27,2020

There are a number of ways to set up a WordPress website. These are some of the best WordPress visual editor plugins to help maintaining your WordPress website a breeze.

Ecommerce: Life after Coronavirus blog date Nov 06,2020

Discover the impact Coronavirus has head on the ecommerce market and how important ecommerce will be moving forward.

The scariest website designs…EVER blog date Oct 29,2020

These are some of the scariest website designs we think have ever graced the web. Sure, some are parody/satire, others deadly serious, come and take a look and prepare for a fright!

The scariest websites on the internet blog date Oct 28,2020

It’s Halloween! Come and have a great time from the comfort of your own home by checking out some of the scariest websites on the internet. From walking a “ghost island” to learning the date of your death – Here’s everything you need for a healthy fright.

How a homepage redesign can improve your conversions during lockdown blog date Oct 27,2020

Covid has forced many businesses to adjust their online strategy and also given business owners the opportunity to slow down and think about their websites. Homepage redesigns are very popular now and this is the benefits.

Free digital marketing tools blog date Oct 13,2020

The ultimate list of free digital marketing tools. From SEO to PPC, Social Media, Content creation and Content planning. This list of free digital marketing tools has everything you need to plan, create and manage your digital marketing campaigns.

There are two important considerations when looking for a designer, work quality and reliability. ALT Agency offer both in spades.
We were looking for a designer to redesign and polish our back end system, time was an issue as we had multiple launch deadlines and so we needed someone to make our existing layout really sing at an affordable price, ALT Agency delivered. The next time we need any design work, ALT Agency will be at the top of our list.




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