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The ePrivacy Regulation & Its Impact blog date Jun 17,2019

Learn more about GDPR and the ePrivacy Regulation and how it will affect your business, marketing efforts and data storage.

Here’s the Number 1 Reason Why Your Product Copy Isn’t Converting blog date Jun 13,2019

Website content is key to making your website convert, especially if you are selling a product through your website, read on to discover the number 1 reason that your website copy isn’t converting visitors into sales.

Why SEO is getting harder blog date Jun 06,2019

Why is SEO so difficult? Is SEO still worth it in 2019? These are the common questions we get asked and this blog post details why SEO is getting harder and answers whether SEO is still worth the effort.

What is Responsive Web Design? blog date May 24,2019

Read on to discover about responsive web design, the benefits of a responsive website and why it is perfect to help boost your SEO.

What is website Maintenance? blog date May 08,2019

Website maintenance is the way to keep your website up to date and safe and secure from hackers. Read on to discover more about common website maintenance tasks and costs.

The $32,000,000 ‘Buggy’ Website blog date Apr 29,2019

Hertz vs Accenture has been hitting the headlines lately – Mainly because of a reported failed web build costing around $32 million dollars. Rea don to find out what happened and how we think it could have been avoided.

WooCommerce Vs Magento blog date Apr 24,2019

The battle for eCommerce supremacy rages on – In this article we take a look at WooCommerce Vs Magento and outline the benefits of each… Which will come out on top?

Make More Sales With More Ecommerce Payment Options blog date Apr 23,2019

Infographic detailing the best ways to get more sales from your eCommerce website by offering more payment options.

10 Steps Towards Getting The Best Out Of Your Web Design Agency blog date Apr 05,2019

Considering working with a web design agency? Read this handy guide detailing how to get the most out of your chosen web agency.

There are two important considerations when looking for a designer, work quality and reliability. ALT Agency offer both in spades.
We were looking for a designer to redesign and polish our back end system, time was an issue as we had multiple launch deadlines and so we needed someone to make our existing layout really sing at an affordable price, ALT Agency delivered. The next time we need any design work, ALT Agency will be at the top of our list.




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