What you need to know regarding the Google Panda update 2015. It’s still early days just yet but it appears that Google has made a change to its SERPS and it appears that sites that “piggy-back” other people’s brands have been hit the hardest. For example take a search term around “Red bull” or “Facebook” […]

You may think it sounds impossible “increasing enquiries by over 300%, but it really wasn’t. You may not believe that there is 1 single fix that could produce such a huge return and that it’s an accumulation of small changes that add up to the overall big gains, usually we would agree, but not this […]

  Website design and search engine optimization are an effective tool to generate more customers. As more and more people use the Internet to find goods and services, smart companies seize opportunities to reach them effectively. They understand that their website creates the first impression of their business and therefore invest heavily in providing a […]

  Responsive web design isn’t an option in 2015. It’s mandatory for companies who want to grow and prosper in years ahead. Google, as well as website visitors, punish websites with poor mobile experience. Statistics done by various research institutions,  reveal how you can make more online sales, generate more leads and give a better […]

ALT, An award winning web design agency based within the West Midlands, England, are looking for a Business Development manager to further strengthen the team. This job is a constant challenge and requires a number of skills – good business sense and financial planning, marketing skills, strategy development and implementation. Your role will be: Finding […]

Any business can do valentines day advertising It doesn’t matter what industry/niche you are in, there’s money to be made from valentines day by going that extra mile and doing what your competitors aren’t doing. Read on and I will show you how to use both online and offline marketing to take advantage of this […]

4 ways you are losing online sales to your competitors and how to fix them You probably know and accept that this is happening to you: You are losing sales to your competitors, however you may not know 100% WHY and more importantly HOW to fix it and begin claiming some of those sales back. […]

2015 is upon us already and it’s time to not only get up to speed, but also get a head start on the web design trends set to explode in 2015. #1 Hidden Navigation / “Hamburger” Icon Used on nearly all Google websites, the “hamburger” icon first began to be seen on mobile websites but […]

I just had to make you aware of this before you break up for Christmas – It’s an important change which will affect how your website is shown in Google search results…. Google is reportedly all set to highlight mobile friendly websites in their search results. This will include a “Mobile-Friendly” tag which highlights that […]

If your business is in the ecommerce niche, and more importantly relies on Amazon for sales, then you need to read on as a potential game changer could be about to happen. This could have a NEGATIVE effect on your business and your ecommerce sales and is the reason why the Amazon share price is […]

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