Alt Agency Snapchat! We’re all pretty excited about the potential of Snapchat and the massive growth and opportunities available. We’ve spent the last couple of months slowly analysing the potential of Snapchat and looking at ways to maximise it, our initial findings and research show that there’s a huge, huge, huge, potential in Snapchat and […]

master local seo

Local SEO has recently been enjoying it’s time in the limelight, which is great news for those who rely on it and those looking to master it. Google recently announced a 210% increase in searches like “stores open now” or “food open now” and a 130% increase in searches such as “where to find/buy/get”. This […]


Google Analytics Referral Spam – Are you getting tons of hits to your website, quite often from Russia and seeing in your analytics that the Russian traffic has a 100% bounce rate? More often than not it’s Google Analytics referral spam. This “Ghost traffic” can be a real pain, giving you an incorrect bounce rate […]

Sucuri Wordpress Plugin Review

How to fix hacked WordPress websites and how to prevent your WordPress website getting hacked again! WordPress is the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) on the market today. It’s free cost, ease of use and millions of readily available plugins make it an irresistible choice for web developers and business small and […]

Fix common SEO mistakes

You aren’t alone in being confused with the complexities of SEO, but you may be surprised to learn that many websites still struggle with the basics of Search Engine Optimisation – And this gives you the chance to make some gains on those who struggle with the foundations. Even better news about these 5 common […]

Lifespan of Social Media content

[Thoughts] Social Media Content Lifetime Span Visitors want your latest content and they want it now! – That’s a fact. Within a few hours a tweet and Facebook post can be banished into the dark pits of the web and never seen again. As humans we crave the latest information and being conditioned with “on-demand” […]

They’re probably a lot higher than you think! Most say that the average conversion rate is 0.5%-1%, which is probably true for most average run of the mill Landing Pages with very little optimisation work done. However, a recent study by found that the average Landing Page Conversion Rate was in fact 2.35%! Further […]

“Online sales psychology is a set of principles and processes that have been proven to increase a websites Conversion Rate” – Craig Murphy, ALT Agency. Not just another word for Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Online Sales Psychology is a term and process coined by ALT agency that has been proven* to increase the number of […]

ALT, the Birmingham based web design agency, has added another jewel to their crown by being named as a winner in the 2015 UK Corporate Excellence Awards. Picking up the award for “Results Driven Web Agency of the Year” this marks another successful year for ALT agency who are heading for a record year in […]

Email marketing – A new challenge for 2015.   The right time There are a number of times considered the best time to send emails. If most people are in the office and start work at 8am then it’s a good bet the first they will be doing is checking their emails, so sending an […]

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