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Digital Marketing Checklist for SAAS Companies blog date Feb 15,2019

A step by step guide for SAAS companies who are looking to improve their digital marketing activities. Includes how to plan, action and measure your digital marketing campaigns.

Infographic: 11 Best Practices To Create a Perfect Landing Page blog date Feb 04,2019

Discover the 11 elements that make the perfect landing page. Looking for more conversions from your landing page? Then follow this 11 step process.

Must-have features for your ecommerce website blog date Jan 21,2019

Start your ecommerce website development off on the right foot by getting the right ecommerce features integrated into your store. Read on to discover the key features your ecommerce website will require for you to get the most conversions out of it.

3 Major Benefits of Email Marketing to SEO blog date Dec 24,2018

If you are looking to get a competitive advantage with your SEO, then read on to discover how email marketing could help you get that little edge you need with your SEO campaign.

Reasons to Invest in an SEO Expert for Your Website blog date Dec 14,2018

There are lots of places to spend your marketing budget and in 2019 the most common, and one of the most often highest spends, is SEO. Read on to see the benefits of working with an SEO expert.

Voice search and your eCommerce site blog date Dec 07,2018

If you run an ecommerce website and want to stay ahead of the upcoming “search Armageddon” then read on to understand how voice search is changing the face of ecommerce and how you can get ahead start before it’s too late.

SEO Voice Search – Look Who’s Talking! blog date Nov 23,2018

Voice search is booming and expected to boom even further. Read on to discover why voice search is becoming more and more dominant and how you can benefit from it.

How to Create a Successful Online Store blog date Nov 16,2018

Success online these days, depends on many things: hard work, creativity and cunning. In order to successfully steal a march on your competitors, you must ensure your online store is set up to convert customers and keep the search engines happy.

You could have the most fabulous product in your niche, but a website that isn’t used as an active marketing channel, won’t attract customers and therefore won’t drive revenue.

Whats New For 2019 In Web Design Trends? blog date Nov 12,2018

2019 is almost upon us – Read on to explore the web design trends we think will be HUGE in 2019. Learn how fonts and broken grids are set to shape the web. Includes bonus eCommerce web design video!

There are two important considerations when looking for a designer, work quality and reliability. ALT Agency offer both in spades.
We were looking for a designer to redesign and polish our back end system, time was an issue as we had multiple launch deadlines and so we needed someone to make our existing layout really sing at an affordable price, ALT Agency delivered. The next time we need any design work, ALT Agency will be at the top of our list.




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