In pursuit of gaining a competitive advantage in crowded industries, many brands offer money-back guarantees. The idea is that they build trust with customers and remove any unnecessary friction from the conversion funnel.

At ALT Agency, we offer a money-back guarantee because we believe in our service, quality and abilities to deliver a world-class website that grows your business.

We wanted to share with you what this money-back guarantee means to you.

Understanding the money-back guarantee

We’ve all heard of money-back guarantees, of course: You may have even taken a company upon one in the past.

But have you ever considered whether or not this sort of guarantee could be something your own business could offer?

The origins of the money-back guarantee could be traced back to 1868 when door-to-door salesman J.R. Watkins offered customers a full refund of the purchase price on his home-cooked natural remedies if they didn’t like the product.

According to historical sources, Watkins guaranteed to combat the fact that his product was unknown in the marketplace.

Thousands of other businesses have since discovered (along with Watkins, presumably) that the money-back guarantee reduces the perceived risk of the product and is rarely ever invoked by customers.

Today, you’ll see thousands of businesses across every industry using money-back guarantees.

Bike company Sixthreezero is one such example. It offers a 365-day test ride in which customers may send their bikes back if they aren’t delighted.

Sixthreezero even comps the shipping!

Another famous example is Heineken.

Spokesman Neil Patrick Harris famously and publicly offered a money-back guarantee to all customers in the company’s 2015 television ad campaign.

Why would ALT Agency offer a money-back guarantee?

As the leading web design and development agency in Birmingham, we have worked on so many websites that our team can take on any challenge we throw at them.

We couldn’t be prouder of every member of the ALT Agency team because when we spoke to them about doing this, they were very excited.

You see, top talent loves a challenge, and we have the best talent in Birmingham that are ready to work for you.

The money-back-guarantee allows you to be entirely at ease with the website we create. You will be included in the process at every step, so you know why we are doing what we do on every page and piece of code.

What our previous clients said about our work

Why would an agency like ALT Agency offer you a money-back guarantee? We are doing this for several reasons, and we have been offering this to every client for many years.

As the leading website design and development agency in Birmingham, we pride ourselves on the final product we deliver to clients.

The testimonials from our clients are proof that we went above and beyond from day one until the final delivery. Here are a few examples of what our customers had to say:

When we decided to redo our website, we called quite a number of web designers and were provided with numerous addresses of sites created by each designer. We found that ALT Agency had the most sites that we thought were innovative, creative and professional. After speaking a few times with ALT Agency, we decided to go with them. It’s the best decision we’ve made in quite some time.

ALT Agency not only gave freely of their time to talk with me long distance, but they also had the patience to teach me as we went along. They came up with various ideas that allowed me to choose what I liked best, and with their guidance, we got exactly the website we dreamed about. The hits to our site have substantially increased, and so have the many compliments we receive daily. People have told us that our site is attractive, informational and friendly as well as professionally done.

ALT Agency just completed my site. It was a big job as the site has three different platforms (shop, blog, forum). Craig & his team installed the same design across the whole site, gently focusing on the main shop categories on the forum and blog, too and managed to integrate easy access to the most important pages on the website in one simple and easy to use navigation system.

Engagement is growing day by day, and after the first weekend, the conversion rate is better in the shop! And all the members of my community on the forum and blog are enjoying the new layout and new colours. If I need a designer in the future, I know where to go…!

Craig is truly a fantastic web designer and SEO expert – it’s always challenging to find somebody who will build a clean website built with marketing in mind, easy to navigate, SEO friendly, and very flexible. Craig and his team provided all these things, and we’re delighted to fine tweak the site until I was thrilled with it. Their on-page optimisation has helped me to get right up the ranks on Google too!

“I have had a lot of compliments on the look and content of the site, and that is all down to the fantastic job Craig and the guys did for me. Before I went to Craig, I heard horror stories, but ALT Agency had all the traits you would want in a web design agency. Most importantly, Craig is a guy you can trust, and he certainly puts customer satisfaction as a priority to the money.”

1) Confidence in our service

At ALT Agency, we take the clients satisfaction and success as our barometer for success. We have created hundreds of websites that not only look and work well but deliver conversions, ROI and sales.

ALT Agency is the only agency in Birmingham to offer a money-back guarantee, so it shows how confident you will be delighted with the final result.

2) We have completed more successful websites

Please look at some of the projects on our website, which are live websites currently delivering high returns for our clients.

This project page is filled with diverse industries, and each of them goes beyond beautiful design.

Our process of collaboration with you, the client, is one of partnership.

We understand your sales process and ensure the website delivers sales, not just pretty pictures.

In working on so many projects, we have built up a level of experience in the unparalleled agency in Birmingham and why we are number one.

3) What do you have to lose?

Most agency and client relationships are filled with expectations and concerns that the final product will be what the client expects.

But if you know that you will pay nothing unless you are delighted with our results, what do you have to lose?

At worst, you will have the base of a website for nothing.

But we guarantee you will be over the moon with our work and service.

Considering no agency in Birmingham has the confidence to offer a money-back guarantee, it should fill you provide you with the assurance that ALT Agency will deliver you the very best website you can buy.

4) Putting our money where our mouth is

For any business to offer a money-back, guarantee there is an element of risk.

But we don’t think there is a risk because we know our abilities in delivering world-class, best practice and high performing websites time and again.

Our team cover all the areas of web design, web development, UI, UX and marketing strategy to ensure every stone is uncovered and every opportunity is maximised.

Beautiful websites and marketing campaigns that give you the best possible return on your investment – it’s as simple as that.

To us, website design is an art form, but it must also work to bring in long-term sales and pay you back with heaps of profit.

We’ve all seen it before: websites that end up like a piece of art at the expense of functionality which is key to attracting sales like a magnet.

Our vision focuses on both of these to create an aesthetically stunning website that boosts business and unlocks all that tasty income.

That’s why when working with Craig and the team at ALT Agency, we guarantee to deliver your project on time and budget, No ifs and no buts, guaranteed.

Digital Projects Delivered – Money-back Guaranteed.

These guys are dynamite…! They understood what we needed, are creative, and know what they are doing. We have recommended ALT Agency to two business associates, and they too have been amazed by their skills. No hesitation in recommending Craig and ALT Agency