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Who Are Bad Bear Travel?
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Bad Bear is a new to market holiday booking company geared towards those not only looking to tour Australasia but looking to make it that little more tailored with a camping or camper van experience.

Our task in this project was very simple: to create a beautiful user-friendly design that allows users to select parts of Australasia from a map and allow them to view the packages offered by bad bear.

The user interface was made simple through the use of big imagery and buttons that get visitors to Country, Type of package and Booking in just a few simple clicks.

A key aspect of the Bad Bear project was to give Jack, the website owner, complete control of packages, users, pricing and other areas of the website.

We synched Jack’s website up with a third party API system which brings in all of the products required to make the website functional, this simply allows Jack to be more hands off and to have packages and baseline prices sent to him on a daily basis and automatically update on his newly designed website without an input required.

We continue to work with Bad Bear on a regular basis and are currently working on integrating a points based referral system to encourage affiliates and repeat sales.


When we decided to redo our website, we called quite a number of web designers and were provided with numerous addresses of sites created by each designer. We found that ALT Web Design had the most sites that we thought were innovative, creative and professional. After speaking a few times with ALT Agency we decided to go with them. It’s the best decision we’ve made in quite some time.

ALT Agency not only gave freely of their time to talk with me long distance, they had the patience to teach me as we went along. They came up with various ideas that allowed me to choose what I liked best and with their guidance we got exactly the website we dreamed about. The hits to our site have substantially increased and so have the many compliments we receive daily. People have told us that our site is attractive, informational and friendly as well as professionally done.

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