ALT Agency are proud to of offered our Web Design & Conversion Rate Optimisation services to Software company I-nexus.

I-Nexus found ALT after a quick google search highlighting companies offering Web Design Birmingham. Proving SEO is still a great Return On Investment!

Once approached by I-nexus we quickly understood that I-Nexus deal with some of the top companies in the world and needed a website that not only sold their software and generate leads but also provide lots of education to potential leads.

One of the key metrics was to create a website that converted at double the rate it was currently converting at.

After sitting down with I-Nexus, ALT Agency created a website based on their very detailed specs which were provided by marketing manager Anton Sirik.

We knew from the very start that usability was a major factor in creating the website as was advanced customisation of existing WordPress plugins.


i-nexus website screenshot


Some of the fun challenges of this project involved ripping apart the Ultimate Member WordPress plugin and pushing it to its limits.

Another great challenge offered by this project was the timeframe. We had just 6 weeks to create, develop and complete this project, otherwise we could compensate I-Nexus for the delay. It was actually during this stage that, inspired by the I-Nexus deal, we came up with our own 3-point guarantee, which guarantees to deliver your project on time otherwise we compensate you for each day it is late. This certainly kept the team on our toes and of course we delivered the project ahead of schedule.

We chose WordPress as the foundation to their Website due to its ease of use and the fact that it was already to go and have the required features bolted on as plugins.

Once completed the website was optimised for SEO using a number of available WordPress plugins and continues to evolve to this day.

Delighted by our dedication and ability to deliver such a large project in such a short time frame, I-Nexus continue to use ALT for Web Development & SEO services.

And yes… the increase in conversion rate was achieved in line with the original project key performance indicators.

To view the I-Nexus website please see:

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