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Who Are Brookes Recruitment?
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Brookes recruitment are one of Birmingham’s leading provider of hospitality and recruitment staff.

Our task was too simply create a new website that made clear what Brookes do: Provide staff to the healthcare and hospitality industry and to allow prospects to submit their CV’s.

By using a simple and streamlined navigation we managed to easily separate the healthcare and hospitality sections and from the homepage take user son 1 of 2 journeys: Healthcare or Hospitality.

The website was built on WordPress for ease of use and allows any member of the Brookes Recruitment team to maintain and update the website through the use of a visual editor.

The new approach to the website not only gives a new professional image but also makes the whole online experience more pleasant.

With many recruitment companies in the Birmingham area, Brookes now have the perfect online presence that allows those looking for recruitment jobs and to submit their C.V and breeze.

A simple new C.V. upload system allow a candidate to simply fill out a very short form and attach a file which is then received by the team at Brookes inside their new Content Management System.

The new job listing section allows candidates to search for jobs in the correct sector and view all the latest added positions – With the site now split into 2 and the jobs split into 2 there is no longer confusion due to jobs being mixed.


Spent the past 3 months working with Craig and Rehan from ALT Agency to design 3 new websites – the sites are fantastic.
Gave great advice throughout the process and adapted the sites to our needs efficiently and with expertise.

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