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Client Profile: Seed Parade

Who are Seed Parade?
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Seed Parade – a leading online retailer of vegetable, herb and flower seeds – wanted a full re- design of their website to freshen up their brand image and improve sales.

Firstly, we spruced up the theme with fresh green and earthy colours to tie in with their product range. We also infused more modern aesthetics to improve website credibility whilst keeping the usability simple and intuitive for their target demographic.

Big, bold navigations were used to make browsing a breeze, whilst the product pages were simplified to allow visitors to find and choose the seeds they needed within seconds. The checkout process was also streamlined to bring the visitor to their completed purchase as fast as possible.

By increasing website trust, reducing timescales and removing bottlenecks, it reduced cart abandonment and ultimately increased the conversion rate – giving Seed Parade more sales out of their traffic throughout the entire life of their business.

This website re-design was combined with a brand new blog and forum refurbishment to increase prospect engagement. We then integrated the new designs into their existing shopping cart system with minimal downtime and no impact on sales.

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ALT Agency just completed my site. It was a big job as the site have 3 different platforms (shop, blog, forum). ALT Agency installed the same design across the whole site, gently focusing on the main shop categories on the forum and blog too and managed to integrate easy access to the most important pages on the website in one simple and easy to use navigation system.

Engagement is growing day by day and the after the first weekend the conversion rate is better in the shop! And all the members of my community on the forum and blog are really enjoying the new layout and new colours. If I need a designer in the future I know where to go…..

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